creating lift at the crown--receding hair line? pic


I am trying to figure out what to do with my hair. It's combination 3b/3c hair and has been receding and getting straighter and straighter around front/top. The back underneath is more tightly curled/spiral curls and there's a lot of shrinkage.

How can I create body? I use duckbill clips and plop too. I do not lock the crunchy look and it laying flat against my head.

Should I try bangs or will that show more of the thinning?

Here's my current routine:

Wash every other day or 3 days, plop, apply product.

Ouidad Shampoo/Conditioner
Ouidad Moisture Lock Leave In
Ouidad Curl Quencher Gel

Use duckbill clips at top and underneath to stretch out the curl. Doesn't do much unless it's second day hair and even then it's hit or miss.

Any comments/suggestions on my routine?

I've tried CG and that didn't work for me.

I used to use the ouidad products and had the flat top syndrome and less curl/waive at the top. Since using kinky curly, I don't have that problem. I also watched a video on u-tube and the lady suggested applying the product in sections and applying the product to the underside of the hair first and lifting the hair straight up during the application to create volume. I hope this doesn't sound confusing. I wish I remembered the u-tuber. I haven't tried this yet, but will.

I have also done the following: after applying the custard, I lean all the way sideways to the right and start scrunching. Then I lean all the way sideways to the left and scrunch. Some people scrunch upside down but doesn't work for me bc my hair has the proclivity to lay flat at the top. This has worked wonders for me along with the KCCC and KCKT.

At night, I put my hair in a bun at the very top of my hair-- as forward as possible (like a unicorn). This doesn't give me second day hair but I notice the lift at the top and more definition.

I hope this helps. Don't give up. You will find what works if u keep searching this site and watching others on u-tube apply their products. I thought there was no way my roots would curl but with the right products and style technique I have lots of curls at the top.

I hope this helps.
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I'm bumping this thread because I also didn't like the Ouidad products (very overpriced and disappointing) and need root lift, so if you remember that youtube video, please post it. Thanks!
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There are several threads discussing root lift, crown height, disguising thinning crown, etc. Just do a forum search.

I have had no problem disguising my thinning crown and scalp-showthrough with a combination of either gel and octopus clips or mousse and octopus clips. (I have pictures in a thread in this subsection somewhere.)

With the combo of product, octopus clips, and diffusing upside down or using a pik to lift crown and diffuse prior to attaching clips, I have my hair system down...and have been pretty happy. Yeah, I'd rather have more density/volume like when I was young and didn't have thyroid problems....but, ah well.
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