I must admit this is a little embarassing but I am honestly out of ideas. The Story (short version): I was natural for 5 years, then decided to try to relaxer (to help with landing a job). No more than 6 months with the relaxer, my hair began to break horribly; so I wore sew-ins in my hair to help with the transition back to natural. I wore the sew-ins for almost 2 years then stopped.

NOW, I didn't know it but the sew-ins took my edges (they are JUST starting to grow back 9 months later) and I have a bald spot in the top of my head (I'm tearing up as I'm typing this)!!!! I don't know WHAT TO DO! I've tried mixing everything from using coconut oil, tea tree oil, EVOO, and castor oil and applying that to my hair every other day, still NOTHING. I've purchased Fast Grow by Exotic allure shampoo and supplements. still NOTHING. I've tried the womens hair treatment (which made my scalp irritated) from the local Kroger, still NOTHING. I recently went to a natural salon and now I'm trying the hair steamer and am waiting to monitor results.

At this point I'm convinced I need to cut it all off AGAIN (for a 3rd time) and just start fresh but NOTHING is working.

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