So I recently went to a local Dominican salon for a wash and set because Dominicans have always done a great job getting me straight and silky. When my hair was being washed, I noticed that the shampoo girl was agitating my hair against itself like nobody's business. I asked her to be more careful and she slathered me with DT and sat me under the dryer. 30 minutes later I'm in the stylists chair with the biggest nest of snarls ever. I should have left at this point.

The stylist proceeded to "detangle" my hair, using massive amounts of conditioner and keeping tension at the roots so it wasn't pulling. She even commented, "It's a good thing your hair is strong, it's not coming out!"

Well low and behold this evil heathen ripped out more than half of my hair. I spent 3 days crying and all the salon offered me was clip in extensions! It's not too bad when it's curly, but I notice the difference and I NEED to do something about it!

I am getting a deva cut in a few days to try and make it look as full as possible. Any cut/style recommendations? My hair is pretty long but I'd go as short as collar bone length if it'll help! TIA!