Hair falling out after CG?

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When I first started CG, my hair was falling out like crazy. It turns out that I wasn't washing my scalp with enough with friction. It took some playing, but I finally figured out that you literally need to rub with your finger tips all over until your hands are sore. It just takes more time. I also noticed that it *appeared* as though I was losing more hair because I was more accustomed to it on the brush than in my hands. I have pretty thin hair to begin with, but I can see where my scalp is healthier and it's starting to grow in thicker. CG definitely isn't for everyone, so if it doesn't work, then go back to something that does. Best of luck!
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So I thought I'd share. My experience was very similar to the original poster Jessicaaalovex, except that I started out with Suave. I agree with craving_curls that the problem was with scalp cleansing. At the time, I had yet to hear of sugar scrubs, and although I was spending more time on massaging my scalp when I co-washed it wasn't getting the job done.

Another factor, I think, was that I was air-drying my hair. My hair initially was very thick, and sometimes I would put it in a braid or twist while still damp. Often it would still be damp when I took the braid/twist out at the end of the day.

I noticed the shedding first, then the thinning. Definite thinning, that required an extra twist on my ponytail elastic. One thing that I really didn't pick up on at first was that if I scratched my scalp, I got "stuff" under my nails. It seemed like maybe un-shed skin cells with oil or conditioner? And I was scratching some - not a lot, and I didn't really notice at the time; I only realized it afterwards.

Anyway, along with all the crazy stuff that is sold or recommended for hair loss on the internet, I found a suggestion to use a particular drugstore anti-fungal dandruff shampoo (Nizoral). I'd already tried some supplements, which didn't seem to be helping, and figured what could it hurt to try the shampoo?

I was really surprised when it worked! It cleared up the "stuff" on my scalp, and my hair loss slowed dramatically. Maybe the damp environment and the skin cells that weren't scrubbed off provided a good environment for a fungus to grow?

It may not be the solution for everyone but I hope my post may help someone.
Maybe your overconditioning your hair. Did you try a protein treatment?
very very good thread. I like!1 I'm in this same situation, now using neutrogena tar and sal shampoos on some days, cuz I've got the itching, the stuff under the nails, the high shedding. I really want to do try the protein treatment, to see if that helps, but I'm scared because I've heard of people getting so much breakage if you don't really need protein. But if you only use conditioner on the length, can you still have high shedding come from over-conditioned hair, since you're not putting any extra-conditioning on the roots?
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you should try the LEIMO Personal Hair Laser system works by helping to inhibit the build-up of DHT that causes hair loss and then rejuvenates the scalp to facilitate hair regrowth in three easy steps.

Leimo Hair Loss Treatment - 30 Day Trial Offer only valid in Australia and United Kingdom Residents only
CG isn't for everyone. I took some of the suggestions and incorporated them in my routine but not all of them. I co-wash but I also still shampoo my hair and deep condition once a week. If my hair is falling out, I wouldn't keep doing it. Hair is like eating a piece of buffalo fish; chew the meat and spit the bones. Stay encouraged!
You said you were using Devacurl low-poo, I used that too for about a week - until my hair started acting so weird, first going really limp, then "flash-freezing" when I put the product in my hair - like I had just poured rubbing alcohol on it ;p then my hair started falling out in freaking *clumps*! Not cool!

I have switched to a new and protein-free regimen, hair seems happier now - still a bit limp, but at least not coming out in clumps. I think Devacurl needs to do more research on their products. It is alarming to see your hair fall out like that!

Anyways, CG is not for everyone - certainly did not work for me, though I really wish it did...oh well, back to the drawing board! lol good luck, and change products as soon as you can, I swear it is the Devacurl stuff doing your hair in ;p
I am noticing a lot more shedding when I detangle in the shower too. I just detangled in fact and had a small ball or so but because I am only co washing when I need to I only detangle every few days. It has been about 3 and a half days since I last detangled my hair, so all the loose hair gets trapped and if you are suppose to lose about 100 hairs a day that is about 300 or more hairs all at once from all the days I hadnít detangled which can seem like a lot. I lose a lot less hair when I co wash day to day I seem to lose almost nothing if I detangle every day. So that could also be the reason you are seeing more.

I use a sulphate free shampoo about once per week but I use one by Loreal which still gives me a good clean and lather.

Also the length of your hair may also effect what you see; my hair is very long so it can seem like more hair than it actually is. I was worried for a while too but I have a lot of new growth about 5 inches in 8 months and I havenít noticed that my hair is getting any thinner in fact my roots are thicker. I just donít like seeing all that hair come out at one time!

For some reason when I do oil treatments my hair gets into a huge tangles mess! But I try to be as gentile as I can.

If you have any thin patches or bald spots then I would get it checked out.
No one likes to see their hair come out, especially when you work so hard to make it look its best so it can be sad but try not to let it stress you out.
It didn't work for me either. My scalp gets build up, I was a greasy mess. Two months into it I couldn't take it any longer. I would shampoo daily if I had the time, my scalp loves shampoo. I will co wash, but as soon as I feel that build up I pull out the old shampoo.
Deleted because I think I was wrong. I don't have any advice or solutions.

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Are you sure its because of a product and not something else? Could you be blowdrying your hair too much? maybe you're wearing hats a lot? I don't know how true it is, but I've heard blow drying damages your hair and might cause thinning. I always just towel dry mine

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