Hair falling out after CG?

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I started CG this summer, in June. At first, everything was fine. I shed what I would normally shed before CG. I used the Miss Jessie's Creme de la Curl Cleanser and Conditioner, which I didn't like for the price I paid, so around August or September, I started co-washing (with Suave shampoo) and my hair started to fall out so much more. When I scrub my scalp and rake my fingers through my hair, I literally have to stop, take off all the hair from my fingers that has fallen out, and start again. Also when I detangle my hair with a comb, I have to take off all the fallen hairs from the comb too.

I tried switching to an SLS free shampoo but things remain the same. It has gotten to such a point that I straightened out my hair yesterday and my friends commented on how much thinner it looks. My hair is not particularly thin, but just the amount of hair that I leave behind in the shower has really started to bother me.

If someone could offer any suggestion as to why this is happening, or possibly a solution, it would be greatly appreciated!
Hi Jessica,

First things first....try not to stress....I know it's hard, but that may be a part of the problem. I started being CG at the end of May and I noticed a lot more hair coming out of my scalp during showers and coming out from the root. It had been happening for months and I though that at the rate I was losing hair I would be bald soon, but it never happened. My hair is still growing bu I'm not retaining all of my hair because of all the shedding. I went to my dermatologist and she did a hair strand test and told me I had telogen effluvium. It's a condition caused by a stressful event that has your hair shedding for up to a year, but will correct itself. Some people take rogain if it worries them that much. I'm not and I'm still not bald. I also went to my Doc and had him do a blood test to make sure my iron and all other things were in normal range. And I'm as healthy as an ox. Soooooooo, not saying that you have this but it may be a good place to start since I went and am currently going through it right now. Good luck and try not to worry too much if it is that then it will most likely just taper off on it's own.
Do a search in the NC search bar for thinning, shedding, losing hair, curly girl, conditioner, scalp, whatever combination of those words you like. See how many threads you get with women asking this same question because they're having the same experience and wondering if the cause is their curly girl regimen. I'm not saying it is or isn't, but if people are asking, it can't be for no reason...

For what it's worth, I've lost a lot of hair since trying to go curly girl in january too. enough to the point that the thought of it makes me sick. my hair is important to me.

Go with your instincts, not what other people tell you. curly girl doesn't take into account that everyone's scalp is different. just like everyone can't use scented body wash because some people get rashes and allergic reactions, not everyone can use the same methods to clean their scalp. Some people's follicles get clogged really easily, whereas I've seen other people wash their hair once a month and it's thick and thriving. Curly girl is not for everyone. NOTHING works for EVERYONE.
I've often wondered this too. And Lanisha is right, I mean, SO many people have also complained about their hair falling out after going CG, so there's gotta be come correlation. I've started to go back to using sulfate shampoos, but I still use all-natural conditioners. Not sure if it's working yet. I feel like CG made my hair way too soft and limp, to the point where it does nothing! So if you also feel like there has been a connection with going CG and hair falling out, I'd try going back to non-CG routines.
R u using hair conditioner on ur scalp , if yes then stop cuz it could be the main cause only condition the ends , also if yr using hair oil any hair oil could make the weak hair fall and after a while let strong ones grow instead. Use bone marrow as a weekly mask to grow lost hair and use henna every two weeks to stop hair from falling
I started the CG routine about 3 months ago and my hair is falling out like crazy. I use Deva noo-poo shampoo, conditioner and gel. I wash every 2-3 days (same as before the CG routine) and I am losing about 5 times more hair than I did before. My hair feels like mush when it is wet and it stretches and breaks. I am taking Biotin, Vitamin D & B. I'm not under any more stress than normal and I had bloodwork done that came back normal. I am concerned that my hair just does not agree with the Deva line. Any suggestions on other products would be greatly appreciated.
Whenever I've done cg or mod cg, I have shed hair like crazy! Soooo much more than I normally do. I could never figure out why. I've tried many, many, many different cg products and brands, so it's not just one particular brand.
I'm not cg anymore and will never do it again. It didn't work for me on any level, but the hair loss was quite scarey. My hair would often come out in very large clumps in the shower. I wet my hair in the shower everyday, and I lost large amounts of hair every time. I'm still trying to get my hair back to "normal". So I agree with the others who have said that it's definitely not for everyone.
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I've still had no such luck discovering what is causing my hair to fall out. I showed my mom all the hair I pull out in the shower and she said it seems to her like normal hair loss. She also pointed out that since I was detangling my hair in the shower now maybe that's why I notice more hair falling out.
I've noticed that my hair takes a lot longer to grow now than before and I wondered if all this hair loss was the cause of it. I would hate to have to give up CG because it has done wonders for my curls with the exception of this issue. I hope we can all find some solution soon!
Have you tried doing a protein treatment to see if that helps? Also keeping the conditioner off your scalp and just on the length may help too. There are a couple of great articles from Shelli from Hairscapades on how she cut down her shedding, with the biggest help being from protein treatments. The articles are mentioned in this post:

I know it can be very disturbing seeing all that hair come out in the shower, if it really bothers I would also consider getting checked by your doctor for anything that could cause hair loss and look at any stress factors, health reasons that could be causing it. (I've also seen others mention that suave caused them to shed more than other conditioners, so maybe changing your cowash conditioner could help.)
When I first started CG my hair shed in the shower like crazy, my scalp gradually became acutely inflamed and irritated. I gave in after *very* noticeable hair much so you could see my scalp I'm associating the scalp irritation with the hair loss. I tried to keep all products away from my scalp but with plopping, the amount of product and scrunching soaking wet hair, I couldn't keep it all off my scalp..

I gave in after doing CG for about 8+ months and went back to where I had no hair problems...a cute cut, my hairdryer, and regular shampoos and conditioners.

After quitting CG for about as many months as I did CG, my scalp is very much back to normal and my hair has grown in sufficiently that I know now that for me, my problem had to be the whole CG routine. I really needed the break to re-set my scalp and hair.

My waves didn't go anywhere even though I'd been blowing it out straight for a while. Suave co wash is the devil for me, I use low poo and keep conditioner off my hair. I shampoo every day (not doing this started a downward spiral for me) keep stylers off my scalp and my routine as simple as possible.

Good luck and do what works for you. It's not just you, the routine doesn't agree with everyone
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I have never gone completely CG, but every time I've tried to do a co-wash every other wash it just doesn't work. I have had scalp irritation/soreness and hair loss, so I have to use shampoo. My scalp will not put up with co-washing/CG.

Good Luck!
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I think I lose more hair in the shower now, but it's way less than when I wasn't detangling in the shower. I also have enough hair for 30 people, so I would probably notice it less than some people, but I honestly think I shed less. I think there are some scalps that react strangely to certain ingredients, I would experiment with different ones, and if you need to permanently say goodbye to CG, do it. It's all about what's best for you! Good luck girls!
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*I have learned that sometimes less is more when it comes to my hair*

Was suspecting same, f/ hard water, and only doing cowashing,someone on here(many) suggested edta, contained in a cheap coindish vo5 kiwi lime, boy did it get worse, getting thyroid treated by a nautorpath,still didnt help,was doing lo-poos, diluted w vinegar rinses ,still clogging drain.Switched back to Curl Junkies daily fix, and nutritionist added egg shell calcium for bone strength, I get tons in my diet,so wasnt taking extra.. Hair loss stopped in week and half. I take carefully selected other supplements, as I am sensitive to a lot of oil, every other day biotin, and magnesium,B-complex, D-3, and folate are also important..I am HHP @ wellness center.. and getting enough rest is huge.HTH
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I have read that if the follicles on the scalp become blocked that can cause hair loss issues, the article where I read that suggested that rather than using shampoo, you could clean sufficiently with added friction (finger tips) rather than product. But, I don't think that would work for everyone. I think you should check with your doctor that is isn't something unrelated to CG, though sometimes it is hard to be sure of the cause. It is interesting that it didn't improve with SLS free shampoo, I would have thought they would clear the follicle if you avoid getting leave in products and conditioner on the scalp afterwards (probably means no plopping), but it may just take time with the lo-poos for the scalp to recover. I don't think trying a SLS shampoo, especially if it has other good ingredients, would be a disaster if you wanted to try that. You could even mix a bit of an SLS shampoo in with a lo-poo before applying. Hope you see some improvment, and try not to worry - it is important to check these things out but most likely you'll find a way that works for you and the phase will pass.
A thought: is it possible that it seems like more hair is falling out because you've switched from daily showers to a less frequent routine? It could be that it's the same amount of hair, just spread out so it's less noticeable when it's weekly.
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from what I knowis adayof hairfallsabout 100-200.
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I also had the problem with my hair falling out and i went to my dermatologist and she said that at one point in a womens life her hair will fall out. And she said it was normal. She suggested that i take vitamins. I went and bought Natures bounty hair skin and nails and i take three a day my hair is not falling out anymore and it is growing faster. She also suggested to take prenatal vitamins. I told her i couldn't cause of the iron. I like the natures bounty. I have noticed a big difference in my hair.
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I have the same amount of hair loss as you. When I comb my hair with my fingers in the shower or even when wet out of the shower I always get hair that I have to remove and throw away. Thats NORMAL. Your body will naturally lose 100-150 hairs a day. Your hair is simply ridding itself of the old 3-5 year old strands and replacing it with fresh, healthy strands. If it seems like more than that or you are getting bald patches then I would talk to a doctor. Sometimes when your body is stressed (i.e. you lose a lot of weight, suddenly change climates, start using all new products, etc) you will lose more than the typical amount, and that is normal too.
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I also had the problem with my hair falling out and i went to my dermatologist and she said that at one point in a womens life her hair will fall out. And she said it was normal. She suggested that i take vitamins. I went and bought Natures bounty hair skin and nails and i take three a day my hair is not falling out anymore and it is growing faster. She also suggested to take prenatal vitamins. I told her i couldn't cause of the iron. I like the natures bounty. I have noticed a big difference in my hair.
Originally Posted by belliawavy
+1. I'm also taking the hair and skin vitamins, which definitely help.

Although I also have a significant amount of shedding, I remind myself that a) it's normal and b) I was losing hair before going CG but didn't notice it as much because I wasn't combing in the shower.

I'm also wondering about the hard water factor. We just put in a softener yesterday, so I'm hoping to see positive results within a few days (crossing fingers).
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