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Gida 01-06-2012 11:36 PM

Distressing Bald Spots!
I just wrote a review on the horrible product Garnier Fructis Blow Drying Perfector. I put in the product at the end of October. I found the bald spots a week later. It is now january and they are still there getting bigger! I bought some shampoo bars from Chagrin Valley the ayurvedic bar to be specific and a little improvement was seen. I'm afraid to do anything to my hair. I just want the bald spots to go away! This is emotionally draining. My hair was the only thing I can say that makes me pretty and I broke it! Please if anyone has had similar experience and tried something successful let me know! I will gladly look into it.

Gretchen 02-28-2012 03:46 PM

Hi Gida! I'm sorry I missed this post earlier. Has your hair shown any re-growth?

Gida 03-09-2012 09:51 PM

Hi Gretchen,
I went to the dermatologist and right away from looking at the bald patches she said I had alopecia areata. She said that I had some growth in the form of peach fuzz but the I had exclamation points which meant the disease was still active. I've received steroid injections and put a topical steroid on the affected areas. I just started so I guess its too early to see how affective the treatments are yet. I am also using ovation cell therapy and I've definitely noticed my hair is less fragile. :)
So it wasn't the garnier blow dry perfector causing the bald spots but I feel it did mess up my curls! Thanks for checking up with me!
Feeling hopeful,

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