What supplements do you take?

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Just interested in what supplements you ladies are taking to help thicken your hair? I have fine hair and I've noticed some thinning at the front of my hairline.

I used rogaine years ago when this happened and would prefer to try something natural this time.
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I started with biotin, iron, and omega-3 at about the same time, so I can't tell which my hair likes most. My hair grows noticably quicker now.
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try nioxin will have ur hair growing like weeds!
I have lupus and take a ton of medications and supplements.
My pony tail was barely the size of a dime and it's now over the size of a quarter, closer to a 50 cent piece (where my original pony tail was)

every day
Rogaine daily to grow my hair
fish oil 4000 grams
Biotin 5000mcg
Use a Energy Revitalization System which is so much more than a multi vitamin Enzymatic Therapy Energy Revitalization System Berry 21.6 oz Pwdr - Swanson Health Products
Vitamin D3 5-10,000 IU
B Complex 100mg
Acetyl L-Carnitine
Magnesium glycinate
B12 1000mcg
Pre-Natal Vitamins (I don't need thicker hair, but it does make your hair and nails stronger)
-3A, fine, very thick, normal por., normal elast., long, dye- free (CG since Nov. '11)
-Low poo (As needed): CVS Argan Oil Renewing Shampoo
-RO: GVP The Detangler
-Styling: LALSG
-PT: ION Effective Care (seldom)
*I have learned that sometimes less is more when it comes to my hair*

I take Natures Bounty Hair skin and nails. MY dermatologist suggested this to me when i went to see her to tell her my hair was falling out. I noticed a big difference. It doesn't have to be Natures Bounty it can be any that say Hair skin and nails
low porosity
medium denisty
B6,B12, biotin, multi, fish oil. I stared this all at once so I don't know what is working.
My hair was falling out like crazy...about a year ago. I was so depressed, was crying a lot, felt really ugly. I tried Nioxin pills, Phyto pills, Kerastase pills, and many more made by hair brands. Nothing worked on my hair. It was hopeless. Untill...
(i don't know what helped the most, but I got my hair back, and fuller than ever). Here is what i did:
1. I started taking vitamins with Biotin (not less than 1000 mg)
2. Bought this amazing Professional Warming Oil treatment from Label.m (UK).
It improves scalp microcirculation and promotes hair growth.
3. I bought a shower water filter from Aquasana.
Ladies, my hair is back! and it's full!!! and it's really long and shiny now! Gosh, I was struggling for years....I hope my experience will help someone.
I don't take these vitamins anymore, no longer use that oil, what I do now as a preventive treatment - I simply wash my hair with Energizing shampoo from Italian line called Davines. That's it
Biotin works well for me!
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You are beautiful!
I take Hairfinity n I love them. I have long eyelashes, nails, n my hair is on the grow
I've been taking a regular multi, but I often forget to take them. >_< I have to take them at night because they make me really tired.

I need something else. Thinking of biotin.

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For those who are taking biotin, what changes have you noticed? How much mcgs and what brand? How long did it take you to notice anything? How did it affect you hair? Skin? I heard it caused breakouts for some. I'm just wondering because I'm thinking of buying some and I don't really want to spend 10 bucks on it if it's not worth it.
Biotin works well for some people, but IME, I didn't get noticeable improvements to my hair but did get cystic acne. I had to let it go, except for what is already in my women's multi.
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To prevent breakouts from biotin, others say you should:

- Take a B-Complex to balance out the biotin

- Drink lots of water to flush out the excess biotin (water-soluble)

- Take zinc, which helps with acne.

- take Vitamin C to help absorb it better.

- Taking it before you go to sleep.. Something about it being processed differently or something..

I just started taking biotin at the beginning of August, and I haven't gotten any breakouts, while taking vitamin c, drinking lots of water, and eating foods with b vitamin when I remember (rarely). Or maybe it's just because I have good skin.

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