Trying to control curly hair

Well for starters yes I am a guy, 17 yrs old with long curly hair. One rule I often get from girls is "If you're a guy and you have curly hair, DO NOT CUT IT! " well i tried it and now I can't even put a comb through it and its driving me nuts. Even when i manage to comb it, I end up shedding a lot of hair aswell. Now my hair line (under my long hair) is at par with LeBron's. Im losing hair because its long and i cant cut it because of the hairline problem. Some advice on how to control this hair would be great!
It's completely normal to lose 50-100 strands per day or more. Unless you actually notice overall thinning of you're hair, don't stress it too much.

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Using a comb in curly hair is a big no no. Just doesn't work.
Only detangle with a wide tooth comb while the hair is wet and full of conditioner. Otherwise you just cause breakage, tangles, etc.

You're not losing hair because it's long. You just notice it more because it makes a bigger mess.

If you want to cut your hair, cut it.

Live Curly Live Free - Home is a great starting point.

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