Bald patch from bleaching? HELP!

I'm in need of desperate help! Well, my mother is. My mother was trying to match her jet black hair with a color 2 weave. Hairdresser attempted to bleach so she could then dye brown. Attempted this twice. When mother took weave out after 4 weeks she noticed thinning in the front of her hair but had her hair weaved again. When she took out after 6 weeks she was shocked to see that where hair had been bleached was now bald. She has 3C type hair. Would it be safe to weave again or should she just put a wig on? Any suggestions on how she can treat the hair to stimulate growth? I have also attached a photo for you to see.
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Oh goodness no, have her say no to the weaves which can stress the hair follicle. Better for her to use a wig (then take it off at home so her scalp can breathe). Fortunately, I see little black spots indicating the follicles aren't damaged beyond repair. Jamaican black caster oil and rosemary worked for me. My hair thinned a bit b/c of blood pressure meds which I demanded to change. My hair is a lot better now
Thank you

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