Is my hair "thinning" or just "thin"?

Alright, my first ever post here so I'll give a little background:

About a year and a half ago I straightened my hair every single day. I then cut off a majority of the length and, on a whim, I decided to stop using heat entirely--no more straightening, no more blow drying, no product, cold turkey. Since, I've gradually been "detoxing" my hair routine, switching first to sulfate free shampoo/conditioner, to more "natural" shampoo/conditioner. It came to a point where I decided to use entirely animal testing free products and shampoo started getting expensive. About 3 months ago I decided to go no poo entirely and try to cut down on the amount of washing I do. For 3 months I've been "washing" once a week with very highly diluted baking soda on my scalp and diluted ACV washes mostly on my ends. Sometimes in the week I do a water only wash.
I would think that in eliminating chemicals, heat, and wearing my hair up would help my hair to grow thicker, but instead I feel that for the past year my hair has been getting thinner. It seems like if I even touch my hair, five or six hairs fall out. I'm always pulling them off my clothes. The shower is a nightmare. When it is dry, if I sweep it all to one side, the "curtain" seems very thin--I can see right through it. It always seems like I can see bits of scalp on my head, and not where the part is. I never remembered it being this thin, but maybe I didn't notice?

The odd thing is if I measure my ponytail circumference I don't seem to qualify for "thin hair"--it is over 3 inches. but it just...feels and looks thin to me. any suggestions as to what might be going on? thank you!
I feel you. That is me in it's entirety. first of all, real quick, but my pony measures 3.8 too, but I know it's more the thickness of my individual hairs that makes it fill that high number, not quantity of hairs on my head. My daughter measures almost the same, a bit more, but she's got probably twice the numbers of pores on her head. I see that too, so transparent with these curls. I really do attribute it to the fact that we're curly now, and before we used to brush it and straighten it and separate each individual strand. I really think that's it. As far as shedding, I"m going to the derm tomorrow because I"ve got four years of high shedding. Could be iron, lots of things and I hope he checks for them, many docs have not taken me seriously. But stop the conditioner on your scalp. many scalps don't like it. I can't do it.
Medium texture
Normal porosity
Normal elasticity
can get weighed down with lots of oils
Co-wash-trying giovanni wellness
Rinse out: Garnier Body Boost, GVP
Leave-in: none right now, maybe a touch of SM curling souffle
Curl enhancer: AOMM and KCCC
Gel: Kiss my face gel
Low Poo: abba pure and natural, Giovanni Wellness
working on: getting rid of frizz from the get-go

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