Thinning from keratin treatment

Hi ladies- I am embarrassed to admit, I had a serious lapse in judgement and got a keratin treatment two months ago. Since then, my hair has become flat, lifeless and thinning like crazy! Has anyone else been through this and have suggestions?
I am glad to see your post. I logged into the site today (after a very long hiatus) to specifically post a topic around the effects of Keratin.

I had it two years ago. My hair was fine immediately after and the Keratin seemed to be a success. But, as time passed I kept waiting for my "normal hair" to return.

It never did.

Every since Keratin, my hair texture has changed from well defined, fluffy cork-screw curls to VERY frizzy, hard to tame curls. My hair has also been thinning tremendously.

I think the thinning might be from stress I had last year, but even still, I noticed these changes before the stress occurred.

I was speaking to my aunt who said her friend who had Keratin said the same thing - that her hair was very frizzy and seemed to change drastically since she had it.

Are there others out there who are experiencing this?

I hope we are not alone!
Well, glad to hear that I am not alone. But also disheartened to hear that your hair is different two years later! Has your new growth been different? Or just the treated hair?

As for the hair loss, I've done an excessive amount of Internet research and it seems like some women experience thinning that fixes itself and others deal with it for a long time.

Anyone out there have experience or tips?
ive heard about this after keratin hair loss alot! its sounds horrible. the only thing i can think of is using a deep conditioner that contains garlic such as alter ego hot oil treatment or mask.
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From what I've read you shouldn't get a keratin treatment if your hair is thin or really fragile. Definitely ask a stylist before you get one.

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