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PinealPower 01-30-2013 07:45 PM

Suggestions For Thinning Hair! :(
Hello! This is my first post here and it's a bit of an urgent one! I reaaallly need help. After years of chemical and heat damage I had my big chop on the 27th of last month. Ever since then I've been dealing with extreme dryness, moderate itchy scalp and now this....actual dry, bald patches in my hair. I've dealt with hair pulling as a preteen, and I thought I'd grown out of it but ever since I've decided to go natural, I can't keep my hands out of my hair; sometimes pulling out small strands just to how my curls are coming along. (Gross, I know >_<) Any suggestions on how to cover up these patches? Or products/home remedies that can make my hair grow back?

Also, I thiiiink my hair type is 4b, but I'm not sure. What do you girls think?


NvmbrCurlss 01-30-2013 08:08 PM

Oiling your scalp (castor specifically) may help. And make sure ur eating omegas!

PinealPower 01-30-2013 08:32 PM


Originally Posted by NvmbrCurlss (Post 2111499)
Oiling your scalp (castor specifically) may help. And make sure ur eating omegas!


NvmbrCurlss 01-30-2013 09:50 PM

Ur welx:)

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JangPettigrew 01-30-2013 10:23 PM

Pureology PureVolume Shampoo is what my friend used when she was going through the same thing. Her hair was thinning and falling off that's why she consulted to a derma, and Pureology was the product that the derma suggested. It's a bit pricey but it helps. I'm actually saving to have this next month because my hair lacks volume. I already put this on my ReMINEd wish list so I can always keep track of this goal. :)

Shadiyah 02-02-2013 10:58 PM

you know what I have found works best with this problem is regular henna treatments using Nupur Henna. It cleared my cousin's problem right up. Her hair responded to co washing everyday as well and castor oil massages.

You have to be patent but it works. and you have to give your hair time to start excepting moisture.

hrcubsgirl 02-08-2013 10:48 AM

I have the same issue but its not from anything I did to my hair. I have type 3B hair and my crown is so thin. I was toppik which is a powder that covers the scalp so you only see a full head of hair. I put Indian oil 2x a week and use rogaine for men 5%.

Its annoying and I should not have to go through losing my hair at 30 but Im trying to find a solution to my issue. I also heard coconut oil, aloe vera gel and castor oil would help the situation as well.

Im hoping these things work and help my hair grow back. Any feedback or suggestions would be great.

crimsonshedemon 02-08-2013 12:52 PM

Please address the hair pulling first. That's the cause so if you can eliminate it, problem solved. Are you anxious? Or know why you pull your hair?

I've read that you can use a dark eyeshadow on your scalp to eliminate the whiteness. Loose minerals are good.

Heather0kay 02-09-2013 04:44 PM

I agree with the above. To cover the scalpy areas I use Hair Loss Concealer : Nanogen Hair Fibers they are not cheap , I've tried other brands but this is by far the really works! Do not use chemicals or plastics, I mean all natural not just the products that most use on this forum; if you look at the ingredients they all have plastics in them! Aubrey organics is good but I really like Morrocco method:toothy8:, you will actually see hair growth!

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