I am 50 years old, my wife 47 and 2 sons 15 and 12 years old. Everyone one except my youngest one is having hair thinning very fast.

Myself and my wife both genetically had very thick hair and so our children too. 3 years ago I had very bad dandruff. It was very scaly and oily. My son also got this. A dermatologist prescribed Ketoconazole shampoo. We tried it a few items and it went away at least superficially and so stopped using it. My wife never got dandruff. Now we see our hair is thinning very fast. We are all healthy. I initially thought of the medications I take ( statin & amoldiphine), but since both my wife and son is having the same issue, we are perplexed.

Is it the water? My youngest son, who doesn’t have this issue, thinks it may be the water. Even though he may spend half an hour in the shower, his hair rarely gets wet well. Or may be the dandruff we had and the shampoo we used (only a dozen times as the dandruff was gone.)

Can suggest any dermatologist in NY 10528 area who is specialized in Hair disorders.?

Thanks in advance.
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