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Nessa31787 04-26-2013 10:06 PM

Hair at the crown not curling
Hello all, since I got pregnant the middle of my hair started to thin, I started reading these forums and made several changes in my hair care with moisturizing and cowashing among other things. Luckily my hair has started to grow back at the crown of my head but its not curling at all. I have 4c hair and its very kinky but the hair in the middle of my head has not curled it sticks straight up. Has this happened to anyone? Does anyone know how to potentially fix this?

Lschill 07-26-2013 01:03 AM

Same here
I read your post and am experiencing the same thing (and more) except I'm post menopause. I believe it has to do with hormonal changes. If so, it should change when hormone levels are more stable. I have difficulty styling that area as it doesn't curl, twist or anything. Right now it's in a flat twist and I'm wearing wigs. Not my first choice in hot weather!!

Curlme_4A 08-09-2013 10:25 AM

from the 4c hair Ive seen in the past, I would assume that it was normal not to have it curl at all in parts of your head.

But since its not, can you tell me if it curls when its wet or while its being conditioned?

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