I was born with thin hair and want to put volume in my hair.

I was born with thin hair and I would like to have volume but I don't know how to do that. I tried a diffuser but that makes my hair frizzy and I don't like what it does to my curls. I tried teasing it but that makes my hair frizzy and I loose my curls. What can I do without using products?
Hello. If you want volume in your hair. Wash it first. And detangle it, then be free. Wiggle tour hair around and but a little bit of gel. Then let it hair dry. When its air dryed but it in a bun. Go to sleep. Wake up and take it out, get it damp, and then but conditioner, comb it out, and but gel, And finally you will have volume. And Style. Hope that helped
I have the opposite problem than yours so no hands on experience. However, i do have a cousin with baby fine 3a hair. Her hair does hold curl well but she can't use heavy products because they make her limp and look greasy.

Getting a good, short haircut helps with getting more volume. Think chin or midneck length. Also, really thin, fine hair can look stringy when too long. Hopefully someone with your hairtype will chime in.

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Ugh, I hate those advertisements. Anyhow..

Have you tried simply just turning your head upside down and fluffing at the roots? I know it's a pretty temporary fix, but that's how I get my volume. I have dense hair, but it doesn't dry like it's dense since I use gel.
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