Postpartum shedding 2c/products? Techniques?

Around 3 month pp I started losing a lot of hair. Now 8 months pp it's started growing back. How long does it take the new hairs to get at a proper length for styling instead of being all frizz like?

Right now I have this super halo around my head and I'm afraid of damaging the new growth by holding it down with a gel product. I've only been applying a curl cream (morrocoil) and gel (fructis pure) and a bit of mousse all from the ears down.

Any tips? I already had 8" cut off last month and can't go any shorter. So I guess I'm looking for product and technique recs to hide and work with the obvious new growth.
Straight hair grows an average of half an inch per month. I know it's normal to grow thicker hair under the influence of pregnancy hormones but I've never heard of it coming back after the pp loss. (Not that I have a lot of parenthood and hair conversations.) Best wishes -- I hate awkward growing-out periods.

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