thin fine hair

Hello everyone I am new to the site and have been having a hard time figuring out my mixed hair type I would appreciate any and all feedback thanks!this is my hair air dryed and no perm nothing in it but aloe Vera
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thin fine hair-20130827_083950.jpg  
Would be easier to see/guess your hair type freshly washed, almost dry (naturally) and without any manipulation (combs/brushes). But based on the little that I see u may be 4a/3c. But you need to include a better pic
Actually I remove 3c. More 4a but send more pics.
Ok here is another pic and thanks for your response!
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thin fine hair-20130818_194958-1.jpg  
You need to wash your hair then take a picture of it before you manipulate it when dry.
[ATTACH[/ATTACH]Ok so here my hair just been co washed air drying and no manipulation not even aloe vera
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thin fine hair-20130828_120600-1.jpg  

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Here is another pic and this is how my hair air dry nothing added
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thin fine hair-20130828_131240-1.jpg  
Looks 4a but to be honest due to the straight ends it's hard to see.

You should also be more concerned with your porosity and the weather as this will determine what products work for you.
Looks 4a to me too. But these straight ends that u have which I guess are remnants of a relaxer makes it hard to see. Have u considered doing a big chop?

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