Has anyone tried this supplement? If so, is it worth the $40-$50 that it retails for ?
Have a look at the ingredients -
protein, vitamin C, B vitamins, iron and zinc, a herb and a seed.

It's basically an expensive multivitamin pill with protein added.

I don't know about the protein from the marine extract as I don't know what exact protein it is but I know you can get the other ingredients much much cheaper. You may also prefer eating the seed.

I've also read the recently if you take iron and zinc together the iron to zinc ratio has to be 3:1 otherwise the iron isn't absorbed.

Sorry everytime I see hair, or hair and nail pills I have to look at the ingredients to see if they are just more than an expensive multivitamin with protein added.
No I appreciate the information I just see it at work all the time but have not read the back of the package. I think I will stick to eating well rounded meals and drinking lots of water. Healthy eating and taking multivitamins has helped my hair growth, I just secretly wish for a magic pill to make it grow faster and thicker lol

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