Losing my curls ;(

Hello. I Have 2b-3b hair and I am losing my curls on top.My hair is looking limp towards the top of my head.I do wear my hair in a pony tail for work.Could this be hurting my hair and what can I do now?
Has this happened to any of you?
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Hey. You have to (1) not straighten you hair . Or (2) don't brush it just detangle it with a COMB. Hope that was usefull
I don't have a regime per say.I condition everyday or every other.I rarely use shampoo and when I do use it sometimes I have to use a Tgel. due to an itchy scalp.I only comb when wet or in the shower while conditioning. I use mouse sometimes other times gel or mositurizer. Different days my hair does different stuff...

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You could try washing your hair with shampoo at least once a week (and more if your scalp needs it). If you have fine strands and/or a thin density and/or have a loose curl pattern then products will build up making the hair lose its curl pattern.

You should also have a look on the site and work out your strand size, porosity, density if you haven't done it already. (I can't see any signatures) Then see what products other people on here and on YouTube with those same characteristics actually use. These characteristics are very useful in working out what is likely to work and what will not work for you.
Do you ever use protein rich products? My hair loses it's curl pattern pretty easily and I find using a rinse out rich in protein, or doing a protein treatment once a week or once every couple weeks does wonders for my hair! I still have this 1 clump that's stubborn. My stylist said it could be from straightening all those years, or that's just how the pattern is, who knows.

Also, do you scrunch your hair with your head tilted upside down? This will help root curl form.
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