cotton candy textured thinning hair HELP

Hi ladies... mild wavy here, have suffered with hair loss since 2008, in my 40s, have thyroid issues, take meds for that.. still losing my hair which I've already lost half of

But, even worse than the loss, is the fact that the remaining hair on my head often looks like I just stuck my finger in a light socket! It is horrendous texture, now. I live in a very hard water area, but I have a dedicated shower water softener, use ACV rinses to correct the alkaline pH here, take B vitamins, Mg Glycinate, iron... Nothing seems to make a pea pod bit of difference to my cr@p hair. It does feel a bit better a few days after washing, but by then it is greasy on top and I want to scratch my scalp off! Any advice? I think I actually have low porosity hair, although it feels dry and rough most of the time... it takes forever and a day to dry, despite the thinness, it is weird.
Go see a dermatologist if you haven't seen one.

As nothing you do on the outside will make a blind bit of difference if your vitamin and mineral levels aren't high enough.

People with thyroid problems often are deficient in one or multiple nutrients. So while you maybe taking iron tablets you may not be absorbing enough plus could have another vitamin/mineral deficiency as well. The levels of vitamins in multivitamins or you are advised to take in supplements brought in a health food shop, are not enough if you are prone to deficiency or are deficient.

You can see your family doctor first and get them to give you a wide range of nutrient blood tests.

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Thyroid problems can be a major pain in the rump. You gain weight that seems impossible to lose, and then start taking medicine that saps your body of essential vitamins and minerals. Sometimes the medicine that they give us to deal with one condition or problem usually causes problems in another area that then a new condition arises that will need to be taken care of. I try to balance my diet with a variety of different meal plans, but it can be really challenging at times to keep up with eating properly when I am on the go so much. I found that a daily supplement can be helpful balance the essentials that my body needs.

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