Hair is not curly and falling out :(

Hey, Newbie here

Just this past week my hair has been falling out and my curls are turning in to waves. I just changed my conditioner (used to be mane & tail) to Ogx Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner, And i put some leave in conditioner in at night. I don't Know if my hair is falling out because I always of it in a tight bun (I'm a dancer) or because I'm over conditioning. I take vitamin D and multivitamin.

Thanks for the help,

(I know a lot of people have posted stuff like this already)
Tight bun would cause your hair to fall out. Do you take your hair out of it when you are not dancing?

Plus taking supplements doesn't guarantee your vitamin/mineral levels are high enough.

As well as that being a dancer won't stop you having thyroid hormone problems or diabetes if you are prone to it.

Get tested for deficiencies and hormone problems, and stop pulling your hair so tight.

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