Hello curlies,
I was curious to know how many woman are suffering from pcos.
Also do you take any medications or supplements? I also have anemia which added extra hurdles trying to get this devil managed. After 15 years Im finally beginning to see progress. Any input is appreciated thanks in advance
I have a good friend with this condition and her hair has thinned a lot, particularly on top. She was told to go on some sort of homone therapy but she is afraid to do that or use anything like minoxidil and just tries to alter her hairstyle to accommodate it.

Have you seen a dermatologist or an internist? Would they recommend you take hormones or use minoxidil (I don't have PCOS but I use it with good results - the men's foam which I use once a day instead of twice).

Wish I had better advice! Only other thing I can recommend is a protein treatment (Curl Junkie makes a good one called Repair Me) which definitely adds volume to the hair, and possibly coloring your hair which also adds volume. Good luck - let us know if anything you try works.
2/c Coarse hair med. density.
Highly porous. Color over grey.
I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
Every day is a gift
Fellow PCOSer here... I've been on metformin for almost 10 years. I tried birth control and became violently ill from it. It caused me to stop having cycles for 2 years. I've tried progesterone supplements with no success. I gained a bunch of weight (75 pounds) when my PCOS took over. I lost the weight and between the meds and the weight loss I don't notice a damn bit of difference. In fact I feel worse. I'm going to start taking chasteberry and black cohosh and I'm planning on having a hysterectomy.

Now back to the hair thing. I've noticed that going modified CG has helped a lot (I co-wash, but sometimes I use a gentle sulfate free shampoo) the one thing I noticed helps with the hair loss a lot is Henna. I've done it 5 times now and it really has helped. Just be careful if you decide to do it because you don't want to buy cheap stuff filled with metallic and salt. Henna for Hair and Henna Color Labs are good choices. I have bought from both and liked them both a lot.
I have pcos but my hair didnt start to thin until I had my son, almost 10 years ago.

my hair has gotten thinner and thinner over the years. I don't know what to do. Seriously. arghhhh. Henna made my hair feel stronger somehow. I think tight pony tails and braids have most definitely had an affect also, pulling on that center line, etc. and having my hair died.

Also, the salon, they didn't tell me they had bleached my hair before coloring it read. and all that hair is VERY thin, much thinner than the non-bleached hair on top.

My hair is looking MUCH better since deep hair conditioning and adding more moisture. sigh, but i am at a loss.

I still think my hair loss may be due to when my pcos took over, possibly past stress, and too many tight braids. I'm gonna try some light, loose braids and see how that affects my hair.

I would also love to know what helps.
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What you all may want to consider and research is supplemental iodine. Here's a good article for you all to read that I hope will be of help.

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