Weird discoloration around hairline + thinning. Male curly hair

What's up y'all..

Gonna go see the doctor next week hopefully, but in the mean time does anyone know what this is? been using selsum blue on it and the crustiness has worn off now its just an odd color. You can kinda see some of the crust by my eyebrow. also my scalp has been hella tender to the touch with the thinning.

I'm hoping this is a dermatitis issue and otc things can clear it up, :P

also might try jamaican castor oil, should I go with the sheamoisture serum, the sunny isle, or what?

copy and paste link into browser to see the pic:
If you have dermatitis do not put anything on your hair or hair line until you know the cause, or it clears up.

Lots of products cause dermatitis while even inert products like oils can aggravate it.

In regards to men going bald unfortunately being male your doctor will presume it's normal. So unless you have other physical symptoms apart from the dermatitis the doctor will ignore it.

If you do have other physical make sure you tell the doctor or go back and tell them, as many doctors don't seem to realise that hair loss is one of the first symptoms of lots of diseases/nutrient problems.

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