Alopecia Areata/Female Pattern Balding?

Is there anyone who is dealing with this?

I was in denial for a long time about my crown hair. I have recently done a big chop and in all actuality needed to do it. My hair was breaking off from a relaxer and was extremely dry. Instead of transitioning I just went for the big kahuna!

I went to a dermatologist and that was what he said it was. I have become self-conscience about my short hair and just recently I have revealed my "new" hair and my thinning, balding area to my immediate family. I am waiting on my next appointment to find out what the blood work says.

I just wanted to know how some of you are handling it. What meds were you prescribed? Have you gone a natural route in trying to regain any growth? Advice?
Quick Question: How did you get get diagnosed as having AA?

I have other autoimmune diseases so I find that doctors are quick to dismiss it as a symptom as my other diseases, but I think it's separate. Are there specific antibody tests you get tested for (that's how they confirmed my other autoimmune disorders)?

- Type 4 hair
- Trying CG life, again !

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