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I think I am going to start using Rogaine. I have bought the men's liquid version (generic) but haven't tried applying it yet. Does anyone have any tips or tricks for applying?

Also I typically only wash my hair once a week. Will the product still work if I'm not washing my scalp between applications?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated!
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I have never used these products myself, but have you read the Science-y Hair Blog post on them? It might give you the info you need: Science-y Hair Blog: Scientifically tested, over-the-counter treatments for thinning hair.
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Long time, no see!

I bought some on the advice of a dermatologist but couldn't bring myself to use it and it ended up sitting in a drawer until it went out of date. The thing about doing it for the rest of your life got to me, so I'm not any help. I'm pretty sure curylpearl uses it, though I think she uses the foam which is apparently more user friendly, hopefully she'll chime in or you could maybe pm her.
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Hi Starmie, yes I use the generic men's foam once a day religiously on the advice of my very good dermatologist.

I had bought the women's generic liquid version and it was messy and a PITA to use. My derm suggested buying the men's foam and using it once a day because it is twice as strong (I think) as the women's. My hair is thinning around my face and in the back. I don't think the Rogaine would be that helpful if you are losing hair all over.

Here's how I use it. It doesn't need to be shaken up - just squirt some foam on my fingers and rub it into the areas that are thinning. I squirt about a half-dollar size more or less for the back, rub it in, and then squirt just a very little (like dime or nickel size) for the front left side, rub it in, and repeat for front right side. I'm not very careful or scientific - a little more one day, a little less the next. Doesn't have to be precise.

So far, I am quite happy with the results. I don't think It caused more hair to grow in the thinning areas but it stopped the thinning.

Lauraloo, can you possibly exchange the liquid version for the foam? It's so much easier to use. And yes, washing or not washing the scalp doesn't have any effect, except that I put the foam on a little before bedtime so it has time to dry and I don't shampoo right afterward. OK to shampoo (or whatever cleanser you use) the next day or a week later - makes no difference.

Therese, I'm going to read that blog! Thanks for posting.

I hope that's helpful!
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I'm going to try it. My hair is thinning REAL bad because of a thyroid issue. Hypo. When I wash my hair and it's wet, I look completely bald and I can't stand even looking anymore. I just started my thyroid meds 7 weeks ago so it's quite early. But I'm at my wits end right now.
I hope the treatment works. I don't know if your hair is spotty looking when it dries too but I know a couple people I work with sprinkle the powder root touch up on their scalp and it works really well on camouflaging receding hairlines and widening parts. Good luck and I really hope it works for you.
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I do have the powder stuff - toppik. It does work. But it makes my scalp itch pretty bad so I only use it when I really need to. I have a wig topper that actually matches my natural curls pretty well and I will wear that as well if I go out somewhere. I feel SO self conscious wearing it because I KNOW it's there. My husband says, "you're just not used to seeing so much hair on yourself, no one else would even know." but the toppik is nice because it does cover up the spotty patches and YES I do have spotty patches now on my crown And it stays there until you shampoo it out. Even stays in thru a sweaty yoga class.
How's it going, Curly01? Are you using minox? I understand about the thyroid issue, I had to have my entire thyroid removed and I'm on Synthroid daily.

Hope you are doing well!
2/c Coarse hair med. density.
Highly porous. Color over grey.
I love all the Curl Junkie products. Still experimenting with gels and curl creams. Still hoping for 2nd day hair....
Every day is a gift
I started the minox today. I hope it at least slows it down or keeps it from getting worse. What dose are you on with your thyroid med?

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