Does hot oil treatmemt or protein treatment help?

Will a hot oil treatment or protein treatment help with thin 4c hair
Maybe. My fine hair is happy enough with an overnight oil treatment with coconut oil. I just apply coconut oil to wet hair in the evening and then shampoo/condish the next morning. Protein will help if your hair is damaged and needs repair. Hair needs a balance between protein and moisture. If you hair is having trouble, you might want to figure out which it needs. The Sciency Hair Blog has an article about this issue somewhere.
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Will a hot oil treatment or protein treatment help with thin 4c hair
Originally Posted by M3L
Hi, M3L. Yes. First, you will need to figure out if you have high or low porosity hair. Most low porosity naturalists are protein sensitive. Now, this is not saying you cannot do the protein treatment. Just once a month or ever two months. I am high porosity myself, but I have natural hair friends that are low porosity and a lot of them do not do a protein treatment too often. Like bomega mentioned in her post, hair needs a balance between protein and moisture. You can do both. A deep conditioner and protein treatment. I hope this helps you a little.

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Will a hot oil treatment or protein treatment help with thin 4c hair
Originally Posted by M3L

When it comes to hair thinning, you definitely have to first find out what the main cause or causes of such is, so that you will know what are your best options towards solving such.

Hair thinning can be caused by medications, chemotherapy, mismanagement of ones hair, genetics, wearing ones hair in hairstyles that put a lot of tension on ones scalp, overuse of heat styling tools, over manipulation of one's hair, scalp disorders, etc.

It would be a good idea to share how you have been caring for your hair, so that way we could know a bit of history about your hair first. So that way we can provide you with the best solution possible.

My hair had actually started to thin out in certain areas, and it was due to my having a severe case of scalp eczema. I was able to find this out through going to see a dermatologist. Which is why, it is always best to find out what is actually contributing to your hair thinning first, before possibly rushing to try stuff that may not be the best solution, okay.
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I only wear my hair in wash n gos or buns. Also,
I do not use conditioner on my hair on a weekly basis. And, my hair is A ok with that!

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