Megatek Anyone?

But looking in on curly cowgirl,I have a valley vet horse supply catalogue, and will look up her product..I actually like burning campfires, my husband, and O both swoon when we drive by campgrounds, because of the smell.Right now, Im checking on a thyroid problem, that when corrected, Im thinking will thicken up my hair. HTH
Originally Posted by mbeckhhp
Haha nice! If you have fine hair, M-T-G may not be helpful for you. It's super greasy/messy. Like you, I'm not able to put heavy leave-ins in my fine hair. I suppose it could work for a deep treatment though?
Low/Med porosity, very fine, low/med elasticity & density, 3A
AKA hard to work with hair!

Low-Poo: Kenra Volumizing shampoo, AG Fast Food shampoo
CO: AG Ultramoist, AO GPB, Nature's Gate Aloe Vera
Gel: GFCC mousse, HETT, Aquage Megagel
Also: Aloe Vera juice or Alba Leave-in. Weekly ACV rinse.
Wishlist: YTC low-poo, Elucence poo, Bioterra Curl Creme, AGEbeautiful Strengthening trtment, SS Repairing Protein Trtment, LuxyHair ext's
Everybody still having good results with mega tek ? I just got my sample that I ordered off ebay . I'm hoping to see some good results . Its only been two days but my hair has a nice shine . Maybe in a few weeks I'll have some good results to post.
Is everyone buying the full size off of ebay or is there somewhere else cheaper ? The cs from Greg was really good so I'll probably order from there again.
I wanted to share information about my MegaTek experience. I had a dramatic hair loss incident about three years ago due to anemia, and I used MegaTek. I got very good results with a lot of new growth and (I think) an increase in length. I have also used it a couple of times since then with good results.

Method: I have usually just applied to scalp before washing and conditioning. I let it run through my hair during rinsing, but didn't really apply to my length. I have also applied it at night and then washed out next morning. I got the best results the first time I used it. This is probably because I used it more regularly and at night too. Every time I've used it, if only for a week or two, I've gotten some new growth. In fact, I tend to cut back on it because I've gotten enough new growth!

It was also great for my nails, making them strong and long. I'm just about to start using it again. I'm very pleased with it.

I buy it at the local feed store for about $33. I want my husband, who has thinning hair to use it, but he doesn't have the discipline--too bad because I think it would work for him too.

Anyway, I'm hoping that all of you who've posted in this thread are also getting good results.

B]Shampoo[/B]: Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo or Elucence
Rinse Out: Jessicurl Aloeba Conditioner
Leave In Conditioner: JC Aloeba or Oyin Honey Hemp and Hair Dew
Stylers: LOC Method JC Softening Hair Oil (mostly avocado) and Darcy's Curl Smoother
Technique: pinning front
2b fine (some "real curls" on rainy days, or when the stars align ), fine texture, normal to low porosity
Always trying to find ways to keep my curls!

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