Is it overkill to pre-poo and deep condition?

I never knew it was possible to overcondition until reading natural hair boards. I am transitioning (3 months since last relaxer) and doing WNGs and braidouts. I like what pre-pooing and DC do for my hair but have never done both, just one or the other. I am thinking of pre-pooing w/ coconut oil for a few hours after I get home from work, wash w/ sulfate-free shampoo tonight, then DC w/ LustraSilk Olive Oil Mayonnaise overnight. Is this too much?
It depends on your hair, so only you know. For me, living in the dryer part of SoCal and having notoriously dry hair in the first place, that's what I so several times a week (I just don't leave my DC in overnight - I can't sleep like that). I pre-poo with some coconut or other oil, wash with a sulfate-free shampoo bar or castile soap, then apply a deep conditioner for as long as I can stand to sit still.
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