Gold Medal hair products?

Hey guys,
I'm a little bit of a product junkie, but I'm holding off on buying new things because it seems like I definitely have enough stuff already. Has anyone tried out the Gold Medal hair products on their transistioning hair? If so, did you like it and did the products contain the dreaded ingredients, mineral oil and petroleum?

Ohhh, and if you haven't tried GD out, I'd LOVE some recommendations for a suuuper deep moisturizing conditioner or a nifty leave-in.
Wow, this is an old thread!

I've used Herbal Tame and loved it when I was transitioning. Each time I used it, my hair became softer, less tangled, and healthier. I stopped using it because I wanted to experiment with other products. I've also used the Headstrong Revival. I can't remember if it had petroleum or MO in it, but I do remember it softening my hair.

Some of their products do have mineral oil and petroleum in them.
Mod CG-Naturally Highly Porous and Dry
This list is not exhaustive...
CoWash: various
DT: various

CR L/I Collection, various

Stylers:MC Leave-in, Gorilla Snot

Spritz/Sealant:Nu-Gro spray w/moisturizer
*experimenting and loving it!

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