Transitioning unsuccessfully

Hi there,

I have mid-long length red curly hair somewhere between a 2-3. It is thick with defined curls only when I have a ton of goop in it. Otherwise it is a frizzy nest.
I have been reading curly girl information for months, now and been on a transition for a few months as well. I stopped shampooing more than 1-2 times a week at most and condition instead. This is in itself very difficult as I workout hard daily and sweat does build up. But, I am doing it. I have given up silicone based products and instead have been using what ever I can find that does not contain silicone but is meant for curly dry hair. I have used Aveda higher end products as well as product meant for african american hair. Nothing works. Nothing. Nothing is heavy enough to keep the curls defined and frizz at bay. I even bought a bottle of avocado oil thinking maybe straight up oil would help. No. It just leaves my hair greasy. I feel stuck, like my options are to shave my head and quit trying to fake having nice curly hair or go back to silicone so that even if unhealthy, at least my hair looks good.
I read suggestions with hope but I have found nothing yet that works. If there is someone out there with a similar story I would love some help before I give up.
Thanks in advance.
Hello I'm in the a similar situation. My last relaxer was in Feb 2011 so I'm new and I totally understand the frustration. I found coconut oil to help also honey and olive oil treatment. I also just tried trader joes' nourish spa conditioner for a co wash which seemed to make my hair soft and managable. Idk if I'm helping. Please don't give up we r in his together :-)

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Have you tried The Conditioner by Paul Mitchell. That may work. I gave mine to my Caucasian co-worker and she loves it. You can add a couple drops of castor oil for additional moisture. She introduces me to Curl Enhancing Balm by Alagio. I mix it with IC Fantasia Curl Activator for moisture. It works for my daughter's hair.

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