Newbie and Need transitioning help

Ok. So I'm starting this transition thing. I'm travel so much around the world and finding a good hair dresser and different water types is hurting my hair. Now I'm in North Dakota and I can't find any one that does "ethnic/black" hair around here. So that's why I've decided to go natural.

I've been using Carol's Daughter products. It's extremely expensive for such a small amount. Is there any other products out there that will help with the transition? I know I need to condition and moisturize, but I'm not sure what else I need to do.

Help me please!?!?!?!?!
Hey.. Here's a few..

-Kinky Curly (@ some Target stores)
-Shea Moisture (at Target & Walgreens)
-Curl Junkie (online)
-Miss Jessies (online)
-Frederick Fekkaii (some Target stores & online -really good protein treatment!)

**use organic/natural products as much as possible
**deep condition regularly
**use protective hair styles (braid outs, twist out, buns, etc..)
**morroccan oil, pure shea butter, argon oil, and extra virgin olive oil moisturizes really well
**you can also YouTube "natural hair" and find TONS of helpful tips & tutorials (a couple YouTube lifesavers are; [just put their names in the search box] taren916, tashiramone, and ivycharline)

****hope all goes well****

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Thanks! This is so helpful for us newbies. Appreciate it

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