Newbie and Lost!

Hello all! My story maybe a little different...I think. I never had a perm in my hair, just press and curls basically my whole life until I went to college. That's when I found out about doobies, hair blowouts. I felt like my hair had to be bone straight. So I my hair has stayed straight. Now, I'm really tired of the straight look! Soooo tired. Over the past five years I have tried to make my hair curly and nothing work. Last year I tried KCC, and I fell in love! But when I looked at my hair it was not curly but more on the wavy side and on one side of my hair its bone straight type of curl nor wave! So I made my mind up about two weeks ago that I'm ditching the flat iron!

Every summer I get the double strand twist, which I love! Then when the fall comes I would straighten my hair again. So being that I'm not using the flat iron my hair is really thick at the roots and gets straight towards the ends. I tried the braid out and it looks a mess lol...the waves just drop. So figure I'm just going to let my grow out until its back its natural state, if that's possible.

Any suggestions? Thanks!
OMG! I am going through the same thing!! Are we still considered "tranaitioning" if we've never had perms?? I am part of The No Flat-iron Movement also and it is the best feeling ever!!!! The flatironing and extreme blow drying has destroyed my curl pattern and I want it back now!!

I have learned tht deep conditions/ conditioning treatments help and using natural and organic products do also.. Someone suggested using a protein treatment regularly also.. Maybe you should try Shea Moisture products.. They actually have a transitioning and curl revitalizing kit at Walgreens for abt 20bucks!! ) - hope all goes well!!!

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I was wondering the same thing! We just didn't use the chemicals to straighten our hair, just heat. But with all the heat I have heat damage and I was in denial for a while. I would definitely try Shea Moisture products. Thanks!

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Well your best bet is to leave the heat alone. You can try protein treatments and deep conditioning as well, but they're not guaranteed to repair severely heat damaged hair.

The best way, would be to grow it out and trim gradually or you can BC and go from there.
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If we BC what would they do?? - Cut off damaged hair?? Is there a way to get tighter curls (going from weird/loose 3b curls to tighter 3c) w/o a BC??

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I was going to keep trimming my hair and eventually it will grow hopefully.

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