Let relaxed hair grow out?

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Most of my hair is still relaxed but I don't want to cut nothing off.so, do I just let it grow out or what? I know how to protect my brittle ends but idk if i should just let it grow out if I don't want to cut so,what should I do???

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If you don't want to cut it, the only option is to let it grow out until your new growth reaches your desired length then cut off the relaxed ends.
You should check out the "Long term transitioner" thread as there is a lot of good info and experiences being shared there.

As a long term transitioner myself (my last relaxer was back in July/August 2007, I had been thinking it was 2008 but realized my error). In any event I had absolutely no intentions of doing a BC to my almost APL hair. What I did, however, is I had my stylist trim it to shoulder length and that is the length I kept it at for the duration of my transition. I continued my biweekly salon appts periodically getting my relaxed ends trimmed as my hair grew out. I primarily wore my hair in braidouts as this was a style I had worn since college; who knew there was an actual name for it!? Somewhere around Nov to Dec 2010 my stylist pretty much trimmed off the last of my relaxed ends. For me the transition process went smoothly since I was already familiar with styling techniques that worked with my textures as well as the fact that my hair was never relaxed to a bone-straight state since I wore curly styles while relaxed. So it is definitely possible to transition from long relaxed hair to long curly hair without doing a BC, it just takes time and patience in getting to know how to handle and care for your hair to insure a successful transition. BUT it is important to do regular trims once you establish your "line in the sand" length that you decide to stick with for the duration of your transition. Having a trusted stylist who is familiar with transitioning is an added bonus.

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I would say continue to grow it out and get it trimmed on a regular basis to make sure that you don't get split ends and breakage. If you trim every 4-6 weeks you are maintaining the same length. However, do take in to consideration that as you get more natural hair you may have some shrinkage. It is a long road, but the best thing to do is be patient and before you know you will have all natural hair.
hey hun i have been transitioning for 15 months now.. i wore kinky twist, sew-ins, and mirco braids (they help alot).. and that im dealing with the transitioning hair its really hard.. i just found protective styles that work for me till i get the never up to do the big chop!
I've been transitioning for 9 months now. The thing is, my relaxed hair is either falling out or something. My curls are making my hair shrink a bit, but if my hair is weighed down, I can see how long my hair is now. I'm not going to trim off the relaxed bit of my hair till around May next year. By then, I should be satisfied with the length of natural hair I have. My dad can't stand short hair and also, I don't like having short hair so I'm not considering getting a BC.
Sammy, what protective styles are you using to protect your new growth and relaxed ends? And what do you use to add and keep moisture into your hair? And a lot of dads say they don't "like" short hair and will voice their opinion but it's YOUR hair, not his. If short hair makes you happy then go for it. He will get used to it and besides you're his daughter so he should love you regardless of what you do.
trim a little bit at a time. when you keep brittle ends your sets don't turn out very nice and won't keep a curl, so they need to be trimmed.
It's basically a personal choice to do the bc or let the relaxer grow out. I am wearing protective styles at the moment and clipping ends when I wash and condition. I am not doing the bc. I am a beginner, with about an 1 1/2 of new growth do I'm going to continue with protective styles until. It's grown to point of a good length. To cut the relaxer ends off.

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