Could I possibly have Heat Damage?!?!

Ok. So I'm currently 3 months post relaxer. I have braids in my hair so right now I'm re-braiding the front/middle. The front/sides of my hair might be 4a/4b

but the middle is super soft and I don't see any curl. when I twisted it I got a little wave.

Whenever my hair is not in braids, I wash/condition and blow dry it and put it in 2 french braids. I ONLY blow dried my hair no more than 5 times since my transition. I haven't used direct heat since June, but before that I had a half head of weave ( the front to the middle of my hair was out) and I used to flatiron the front/middle. Not too often but I used to do it.

I'm wondering, since my natural hair is growing in is it even possible for it to be damaged? NO right? Or is it just me? Is it beacuse the middle of my head has a different texture/curl type.
I used to actually think the same thing...someone told me it's "training" your hair...I don't know how much truth there is to that, in my opinion it's just a different texture...maybe coincidence that it happens to be the place we flat iron most??
Yea, because I had to twist it tight to get it wavy. Then again I'm only 3 months. I probably won't get to see what's really going I'm until my 8th month ( in February). Thnx!
Actually you CAN have heat damage while transitioning. Using the heat on those portions of your hair probably permanently damage your curl pattern and that's why it's not waving or curling like the other portions without manipulation. I had heat damage from transitioning and it's a pain, because I didn't know that you could get heat damage while transitioning.

I always says use minimal to NO heat while transitioning and just do twist outs, bantu knot outs, etc and stick to air drying. Can't go wrong with that.
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I don't think I have heat damage, I think I'm buggin a little bit because I took a braid out yesterday and I saw some curls. Of course it wouldn't be too defined because of my relaxed ends weight down but I saw some curls.

During my 3months transition I've only blow dried my hair 5 or 6 times because the other times I had my hair in braids and that's why I'm thinking maybe I DON'T have heat damage.

I think the middle of my head has a different curl type/texture than my front and back. So I'm guessing that the middle will have looser curls than the front/back.

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