Hair type help!!

So Im transitioning to natural! I am 8 months post and would like to know if any one of you ladies can tell what my hair type is.........

Hair typing is a bit confusing to me :/

Thanks in advance
I think it'll be easier to tell once you cut off the relaxed ends because right now that's weighing your hair down.

But if I had to take a guess I'd say your hair will mostly likely be in the type 3 catergory.
I agree, it looks like 3 something but its getting weighed down.

How many inches of new growth do you have? Great job after only 8 months!

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As was said before, you won't be able to know your hair type until all of the chemically altered ends have been cut. Your hair is being weighed down by them now and once you cut them off, your hair may be an entirely different hair type than you thought.
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I agree with everyone else but DANG that's a lot of growth for 8 months! Lucky!
I agree with everyone else but DANG that's a lot of growth for 8 months! Lucky!
Originally Posted by MissDarcei
Thanks for the help

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