Transitioning and scared

Hello everyone, I am new to this site which comes highly recommended by others. I am currently 5 months without a relaxer and have microbraids soon to be removed. I am scheduled for kinky twists in a week and I am seriously contemplating the BC right now. But as with many others I am scared. I have been growing my hair and decided that I loved the look of natural hair. And I can always blow it out or wear it curly.

I have done this before but I used a texturizer, which is not what Im going for now, but I want that same look. Another issue is its beginning to get cold as I live in the DMV area, and I dont want to get sick with a wet head every morning. Now could that just be my excuse for attempting to prolong, maybe? But I really want this. Any suggestions????
Hi there and welcome!
Big chop is a big decision, but from my experience, most everyone who does it is happy she did!

I moved your thread here to get a few more responses.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
I think that if you are not ready you should wait. You already said that you are scheduled to get kinky twists so I wouldn't worry about it right now. Wait until you take the twists out to bc that way you'll have a little more growth and you'll be closer to the length you're used to.
I agree with IAmJordanNIcole. You should wait until after you take out your twists. See how much growth you have after that and see if that is a length that you a more comfortable with. I would just focus on keeping ends trimmed and a good wash and deep condition before you put in your twist. Good luck with your journey.

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