Troubled Hair Roots!!

Hello! I'm new to this forum or thread thingy ?!? Sooo.... My issue is my roots/ new growth.
A little of my hair history: Went natural twice! Did a BC but was not happy maintaining it so I relaxed. I transitioned for 2 yrs n kept chopping those dead ends. Problem is that my natural textured ends are fried but curls beautifully while my roots have their own agenda and stays frizzy!?! I do have a little heat damage and do dye my hair. I deep condition every week use heat protectant and very I'm consicious of what products I do use. Im currently using natural hair products, sulfate free and air dry my hair or if time presses, diffuse it. So I have no clue why my roots act different then the ends? Does any one have an idea or solution?
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I"ve moved your thread to a place where I think you'll get a bit more help!
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You are beautiful!

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