Transitioning HELPPPP !!

For sometime now i let go of all heat, and relaxing treatments and my hair is a mess ! to describe my hair is basically really thick and poofy at the crown of my head and then nice type 3-3c curly hair on the right side of my head and then to the left a handful of hair is wavy and somewhat straight which makes it look longer than any other sides of my hair. what should i do? any tips? or styles on how to wear my hair loose tame my hair more at the top?
Do you still have relaxed ends? What's your regimen like? And what products are you using?

I had the same issue and still suffer with it to an extent, it's possible that if you've used heat while transitioning your hair you could've damaged the curl pattern which would be why one side hangs lower than the other.

Now what I did was start the CG method and my hair started curling tighter on the other side. I just basically baby my hair and although I still notice that its uneven others can't. I've just chalked it up to getting a trim at Devachan within the next month or so.
last relaxer; 082708, BC; 081810, CG; 122410
high porosity, med/coarse texture, high density, color treated
condish;TN, DevaCurl Heaven in Hair stylers; Heaven in Hair, DevaCurl Curl Cream oils;Castor Oil


my hair did the EXACT same thing. one side is like 3c 4a 4b and a little 4c and the other side was like 3b 3c... but it changed after i gave up on heat for 5 months, they're not exactly the same but they are very similar now and i am happy, the side that was tighter does shrink up a little more but i''ve learned how to deal with it... being natural to me means to be able to work with what God gave you, i feel like thats where i wanna be..

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