New growth too dry to relax! What's stronger than Aussie 3 minute miracle?

I have been under an involuntary stretch for IDK how long. I always get my hair done every 5 weeks or so but I've been so busy for the past couple months that it has gotten way out of control.

My hair is so dry I can't even part it properly so that I can relax it. Can someone please recommend a good deep conditioner?

I've tried a whole bunch of things, namely Aussie 3 minute (which used to be great, but even that isn't strong enough at this point) and Organic Root Stimulator Mayo (which just dried it out more I think).

Please help. I just want to get my hair moisturized and detangled enough so I can get a touch up. Last time this happened I just moisturized the roots with Aussie 3 minute miracle but this time its too bad.

In other words, what is a conditioner stronger than Aussie 3 minute?
By the way, I have been cowashing daily, using sulfate free shampoos, and avoiding heat. I already have a great grasp of how to care for curly hair, I just don't know which of the bazillion conditioners to buy. I considered doing a glycerin spritz but it isn't too humid right now
Have you tried a keratin treatment to soften the curl and make it more manageable? I used Brazilian Tech Deep Conditioning Treatment from Sally's Beauty Supply, and it made my new growth practically straight(almost like a relaxer). It also really hydrated my hair. You can always get the smaller one just to see if it works for you. I think its like 6 or 7 bucks, but it will last you a while(about 2 or 3 treatments).

Is they stuff safe? When I go to salons they always try to get me to do one but I always assumed they are just trying to sell a product. I don't know enough about it so I'm nervous to get it done and have it ruin my hair. Dont I have to use special shampoo and conditioner if I get that?
Wait, that conditioner alone will straighten my hair? Or the keratin treatment at a salon, plus that conditioner?
Just that Brazilian Tech Keratin Deep Conditioning treatment alone will straighten your hair. It's not like those brazilian blow outs or other intensive keratin treatments at the salons. After you shampoo or cowash your hair, put that stuff on like you would any deep conditioner. I always slap on a plastic cap and let it work its magic for at least 30 minutes or more(the instructions say 10 to 15...but I never really follow instructions on conditioners). Brazilian Tech has a whole line of keratin products from shampoo to styling, but the deep conditioning treatment alone should do the trick. I could not believe how straight only that conditioner made my hair. It made it so straight that I was a little concerned about its effects on my new growth's curl pattern, but the effects are only temporary(thankfully). It won't hurt to give it a try, if softening,straightening, and moisture is what you're looking for(not to mention added strength). Good luck!!

As far as special shampoo goes, your sulfate free shampoo should be sufficient. I also heard/read that you should avoid shampoos with sodium chloride in them as well. All of that is most important when you're trying to maintain a keratin treatment, but it is better to be safe than sorry. You may also want to try reducing the amount of times you shampoo/cowash your hair to see if that helps with the dryness.

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Are you sure that alone straightened for you? Because didn't you get a full blown keratin treatment done? I just don't wanna waste my money if it's not going to help me. If it could straighten my new growth without me having to flat iron or any of that I'd be ecstatic.

Yeah, sodium chloride is just salt. That's awful for dry hair because salt draws out moisture. When I cowashing it doesn't dry out my hair; it does the opposite. If I skip cowashing, even for a day, my hair is AWWWFUK
Would you mind leaving a link to that product? I am looking for it online and I think I found it but upon reading the ingredients and directions it doesn't seem like the same thing you are talking about.
They have two different ones. One of them has a cap on the top (smoothing conditioner) and the other one has the cap on the bottom (deep conditioning treatment). I'm not sure which to go for. I'm looking on amazon by the way.
Ummm...the one I'm talking about is the deep conditioning treatment. Brazilian Tech Deep Penetrating Conditioning Treatment: Beauty It was this treatment alone that straightened my hair. I don't get keratin treatments at the salon. I don't even blow dry my heat outside natural heat with plastic caps. I'm just saying that this could be your solution if you want to soften and smooth it out enough to comb through it easily and touch up your relaxer. You can get the smaller size from Sally's Beauty Supply for about 4 bucks(looked it up). Maybe this is your solution maybe it isn't. I'm just suggesting something that I know straightened my hair. I was only looking for added strength at the time(didn't know that keratin treatments also loosen the curl temporarily). This is about as far as my knowledge goes on the subject. Good luck.

Thanks for replying to my keratin vs. milk protein post from a couple of months That was when I was not sure of all the effects of keratin, and I was afraid that using it would permanently loosen my curl(meaning I would have to start transitioning from scratch). But, the ladies at Sally's and my sister(hair stylist) assured me

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Thanks so much! I'll try to pick up some of that today. I can't believe it had that effect on your hair because the ingredients sound pretty tame. It doesn't even have that much keratin in it.

I picked up some S curl no drop moisturizer and Mane n Tail Deep conditioner. I tried the s drip on my ends and it made them unbelievably soft. It also helped set angle a Matt of new growth that previously weeks of cowashing couldn't not. I am going to clarify now and try the main and tail an see how that works for me. Of I don't like it, I'll pick up the keratin treatment you suggested.


By the way, do you know of any similar treatments to that one that would give similar results without heat and all that?
Detangle* not set angle. It's really hard to type on this app cuz u can't see what u are writing after awhile.
I don't know of any treatment that would give you those results without any type of heat. I only use my body heat for that treatment(with a plastic cap).

About how straight did this get your hair? Like 50% or nearly perfectly straight, etc. and how curly is your natural hair?
I have combination curls, but mostly 4b(I think). It did not make my hair 100% straight...more like 70 to 75% straight.

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Wow, cant believe this stuff is that powerful. I wonder if their smoothing conditioner is stronger because it seemed to have more keratin.
I just tried it, and even with heat, it did not loosen my curl. My hair is still wet, so maybe I'm speaking too soon, but I doubt it. It did seem to really soften my hair though, but I have to wait for it to dry until I'm totally sure. I'll probably be returning it tomorrow because I already have a satisfying deep conditioner (Mane n' Tail Deep conditioner)

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