Hey guys! I am new to the site and I was wondering if you could help me out. I am looking for simple, cute styles to wear my hair in becuase I'm tired of usual styles and afraid if I keep pulling it back I'm goin to loose my edges.
Background on my hair: I got my last relaxer August 2007 but I only started wearing it curly (I just wet and go) summer 2010 when I cut my hair into a very short bob, essentially cutting off the last of my relaxed hair.
I have very fine hair (reason for stopping the relaxers), yet it's very dense. After looking at this site I found my curl pattern to be 3b/3c combo with the tighter curls in the middle and back and the looser curls around the edge and front.

I have been looking for more syles to do with my hair becuase right now I feel the only things I can do with my hair is let it go, wear it with a headband, put it in a poof pony, or wear it back with a banana clip; which I actually love b/c it gives me a mohawk look w/o actually having a mohawk. My curls are fairly tight (bout halfway past the nape of my neck when curly, half an inch past my shoulders when straight...at the longest points respectively) but since they're so fine they don't hold mousture well and tend to poof.

I'm not very hair savvy (don't even know how to get my hair into an afro...unless it's too long?? idk) but I was wondering if anybody has any hair stlye suggestions for people with shorter curls. I've seen many things for "short" hair but the hair when curly is still longer than mine (more like shoulder length or a little shorter). Any suggestions please??