some of my hair wont curl!

So I did the big chop after I let my natural hair grow in for about a year and I haven't used any heat other than the water when I wash my hair. My issue is that I have curls in the back and on the sides but on top its just wavy. Is there a product I can use to help the top curl better or should I do a hairstyle like twists or braids?
this is me and my baby girl....its the only pic i could find of my hair right now. thats normally how i style it after i wash it i run some anti frzz serum through it and herbel essence totally twisted mousse. i dont like it because it makes my hair crunchy and flack the next day so that i have to wash it again, but im waiting to use up the bottle before i try something new. ive thought about trying miss jessies. anybody have any suggestions
try a protein treatment... is it possible that u could have heat damage maybe from when u were transitioning
I'm no expert, but I don't know of any products that can actually put curl into your hair. Looking at your pic, I'd suggest perhaps trying a twist or braid out or a rod set to get those sections to curl.

PS. Cute baby!!
There is a possibility that it could be your natural hair...are your roots in that spot the same as the length of the hair?

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