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Runna4Life 11-20-2011 11:24 AM

I'm going to BC next week, YAY!
I am so excited, but kind of scared at the same time because I am 17 and go to a school where I am the only black person. It's a small school and I've told basically everyone that I'm growing out my afro and they like the idea and want me to do it.

I am 6 weeks post a texturizer , but 4 months post a relaxer and have 1.5 inches of new growth stretched out and .5" unstretched. My hair is cottony, some parts are dry and some aren't, coily O shape strands to bent Z shapes, frizzy, thick, coarse, doesn't get wet easily: I think i fall under 4a/4b.

So, at first my mom was totally against me BC'ing and didn't want me to do until June 2 when I graduate high school, but now I have convinced her to let me BC next week. :) ;)

If anyone BC'd at 2-3 months post, can you please post some pictures? thank you.

And I need tips for after I BC. thank you!

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