Transitioning Questions?

I have only gotten 2 relaxers my whole life, one this june and one in this september. I am currently 2 months post relaxer. I am in my first year of high school though so transitioning will be kind of difficult for me. My hair grows an inch per month so I currently have 2 inches of growth. But I have been having a lot of breakage, my mom says its because I need another relaxer but I dont want to get any more. So how can I stop the breakage and any tips on caring for my two textures?? I plan on growing out my hair for 13-14 months, wearing braid extensions for a month at a time and trimming my relaxed ends every 2 months. What do you think??

Thanks in advance

P.S. I do have a Transitioning blog on this site that I just started, so if you could check that out that would be awesome
I've only had two perms, i'm in my first year of highschool, &my hair grows about an inch a month! I'm almost 4 months into my transition. Mu advice is to; deep condition at least every other week, oil your scalp and ends at least once a week, moisture w/ a water and oil spritz at least ever other day, for your breakage do a protein treatment once a month, detangle w/ a wide tooth comb only when your hair is soaking wet w/ conditioner (i recommend leaving the conditioner in) don't use heat at all during your transition, WHEN WASHING W/ SHAMPOO ONLY SHAMPOO YOUR SCALP &MASSAGE, don't use products w/ petralum or mineral oil, trim your hair about every 3-4 months! What's your hair type? We could be transitioning buddies, lol. Also some of these things may not be possible for you to do since you're going to be transitioning w/ extentions

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i'm my 2nd year in middle school, i've been transitioning for 13 months on the 24th, i've tried 2 strand twists, cornrows, braid outs, bantu knot out, twist outs, and i think buns are the easiest, i did them alot last month... i don't like the way twists look on my hair now.. they would last like only 2 days, so when ur 8-9 months u shud try twists... that's when i started, also try going for long period of time without flat ironing ( i went 5 months ) my last month of transitioning will be next month! my 14th month!!
aero girl, you should post pictires of your progess.. I love to see people my ahe transitioning long term, I most defiantly want to see what your hair looks like after you cut all of your relaxed ends off!

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