Transitioning Styles

Okay, hey guys! I am in desperate need of help! My last relaxer was June 27th 2011, so I've been transitioning for about 5 months now. My natural hair seems to be very healthy, and I wash and deep condition once a week. The only problem is I've been blow drying my hair once a week this whole time, I'm scared my hair is going to start falling out or that I'm stunting its growth. I've tried bantu knots twice but my relaxed ends seem to be to dry, and it look very bad when I let it out. I'm planning to BC on June 27th 2012, so until then I need new protective styles or tips! Thanks in advance.
twists, braids, braid outs, twists out, cornrows bantu knot out... and the same thing happens to me when i do bantu knot outs.. i just rub oil on i...

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