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Hi im new to becoming natural and im now transitioning and need help! So i've left my stylist and decided to experiment with sumthin new im jus going to the africans for two fishtails every two to three weeks an washing and blow drying my own hair but using the wrong products... tressema is what im using but don't know if i should change?? I hear and see diff products but dont knw what to use any suggestions on products& styles will be greatly appreciated

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Not sure if I'm the blind leading the blind, but I've just started wearing my hair instead of weaves… Perm rods and knot outs have been my best friend! Started using the shea moisture transition kit, and I can't really come to fair conclusion yet. All I can say is my bad dandruff hasn't come back yet since I've stopped using my selsum blue and prescribed conditioners!
Hello ladies well I have been transitioning for about 7 months I can tell u the best deep conditioner ever is from carols daughter called oil infusion kit, u use that as a deep conditioner before u wash n let me tell u ur hair will be baby soft, after I wash it I follow up with carols daughter monoi products, I also experiment with shea moisture.. right now I have senagalse twist in my hair as a protective style I will try to leave it in for 2 months but I do take care of it even thou its in extensions... If u have any questions please feel free to ask....

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Hi iambeautiful and welcome to our community!

You might want to check our transitioning content area to find lots of great info!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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