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HELLO everyone!
I'm new to this site and this process. I'm transitioning, I've been doing this since August(so I'm still new). I had braids for about 5 to 6 weeks and I just took them out now I would like to know some styles I can do to deal with the thick and relaxed hair. I wanted to get a blow out and cut off some permed hair. But I also need to learn natural styles for my hair. I have very thick hair, it's curly, it's just straight but really thick. It's not hard to manipulate when I put water or some product on it. However I've never done my hair before, I've had a perm so long that everything has been done for me.

I've heard of twist outs and bantu knots, however I'm not exactly sure how to do them or the right products to use. So I'm looking for someone to help me out. This transition is very difficult for me..and it's becoming frustrating.So I need advice! HELP!

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Hi there and welcome!

I moved your thread over here to the Transitioning forum, where I think you'll get a lot more help. You might also want to check out our Transitioning articles area.
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For tutorials of hair styles I would check out you-tube. That is how I learned how to do bantu-knot outs and that has been my style through my transition. I have been transitioning since June of 2011. Still learning but once you get a style down it does make it a little easier. Hope this helps.
Bantu knots have been my fav transition style. If I do my own hair, I do these, which last for about 3 days until I redo them. Some people cab get them to last a week. If my hairdresser do my hair I get a flat twist out, I haven't mastered the style yet on my own.

I also use half wigs in between styles, curly/afro type half wigs. I put cornrows or French braids underneath.

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Bantu knots are really easy. My lsat relaxer was in August also and I promise you, it took me a month just to figure them out. All you do is take a small section of hair and twist tightly. Do this until you notice the hair is twisting into itself near the root. Grab the root, let your hair twist itself around it. Tuck ends under. Here's a pic:Transitioning Hairstyles-uploadfromtaptalk1326036885701.jpg

If you look in the left corner you will see some knots still intact. The ones in the front, I unraveled to see how they were holding up.

The previous poster was right. They can last for up to a week as mine have. It just takes a little retwisting here and there.

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