What is your go-to product that has helped to ease your transition?

Hi everyone! I am almost 9 weeks post relaxer (YAY!) and I have quickly found that there are products that help to ease the transitioning process, and make my new growth easier to handle. I am a type 4A, and aIthough I love my new growth, transitioning would be much more difficult if I didn't have certain products. So, I am wondering what is the product you cannot live without during your transition, and why? It can be one, or many!

My go-to product is Tresemme Naturals silicone free conditioner with Aloe Vera and Avocado. It's cheap, and I use it as a rinse out conditioner and leave-in for my roller sets. It has great slippage, so it makes detangling a breeze!!!!! I am loving it, and it has made my transitioning experience an enjoyable one so far.
Well, i finished my transition and did my bc on the 26th.. but products that helped me ease my transition were tresemme moisture rich conditioner, cantu shea butter leave in conditioner, hollywood beauty olive cholesterol, creme of nature leave in, and cocoa butter...during the end of my transition like 9-13 these products came in because they helped tons! when i did 2 strand twists.
Queen Helen Col. Conditioning Treatment has kept my hair soft while transitioning and has ben the most helpful.

Also, raw melted shea butter (yellow and chunky) has kept my hair soft and moisturized.
Im on my 4th month of transitioning and I know that if I didn't have my Motions Triple Action Leave In Conditioner I wouldn't know what to do. It really helps with the new growth. I know I have 4b hair and it's a pain to comb out so that helps. Another thing is the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. It smells really good and help add moisture and shine to my Bantu knot outs.
I am 7 months post perm and my styling products help to ease my transition. I am using oyin handmade whipped pudding and burnt sugar pomade to set my bantu-knot outs and it keeps my hair moisturized for days and my style lasts for a week.

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