Itchy/Flaky/Dry Scalp

Hello All!
I am a transitioner that currently has kinky twists. I have been dealing with scalp issues from JUMP (meaning before transitioning)! I've read several threads and watched enough YouTube videos to know that it may all change for me once I am completely natural.
I currently use a ACV mixture every 2-3 days (no rinsing afterward) then applying with grapeseed oil.
The real question I have is, is it natural/standard for transitioners to have itchy, dry, or possibly flaky scalp? Or do I have to look forward to possibly keeping this as my normal routine once I BC?
😪 Ive felt your pain. I usually get very little itchy flakes if my hair is really dirty now but before I'd get a lot like that but not anymore. At first I tried mixing my conditioner with a couple drops of Australian tea tree oil but boy did that stink up my hair! I tried diluting it with water and rubbing it on my scalp but it still stunk up my hair.
Then I tries selsun blue that helped me with bad dandruff in my relaxed days and it did remove all of the nasty itchy flakes but I felt like it was reallyy drying on my natural hair even though I used the two in one conditioning and shampoo one and shampooed after. I guess it's cause it still had a million sulfates in it.
The moral of this story is now I wash my hair more often but with a clarifying conditioner from V05 vanilla mint tea but honestly it just smells like coconuts which I love. And if it's eventually not enough I'm just gonna invest in a sulfate free shampoo.
Hope this helps!!
And I'm almost done transitioning (over a year🎉 woohoo) I'd say my scalp didn't change during it really to finally answer your question so yea probably same routine unless you find a better alternative.
In my experience a dry scalp will be a dry scalp. I had it while I was transitioning and I still have it 3 years later. Your scalp is part of your skin. If you have dry skin your scalp may also be dry. I find that drinking lots of water helps keep my skin hydrated. I also scalp with jojoba oil a few nights a week and that has helped tremendously. You just need to figure out what works for you. Good luck!

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First of all, Happy New Year to you! I know that some are against greases all together but, there is one that it dependable when it comes to soothing a dry scalp, as I have used it personally.

Sulfur 8. It comes in a yellow jar and also a blue jar. The yellow one is a bit stronger. Either way you want to do a test site on the back of your nape (like anything else) to make sure it's not an irritant. The best time to use it is after a wash, and apply once a week.

If that will not work for you, try tea tree oil (diluted). You can mix it with EVO or an oil that you are already utlizing. It fights against dryness, itching, and fungal issues.

There is a an enormous amount of information on the web about it.
Thank you all for your responses!!!
I wanted to when I first started reading the responses. I'm tired of this scalp! I drink at least 4-6 glasses of water a day. So it's a little disheartening to know that I may have to continue to deal with itchy/flacky scalp after a BC.
I am gonna continue my current routine but I will probably incorporate tea tree oil as well.
Thanks again for your suggestions, ladies!!!
Much appreciated!
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Essential Oils: Lavender - Rosemary - Tea Tree
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Shampoo: Anything Shea Moisture
Moisturizer: Water/Vegetable Glycerin/Aloe Vera Juice/Carrier oil
*ACV rinse twice a week.*
Are you oiling your scalp with grapeseed oil or just using it on your hair? I believe that while grapeseed oil is great for sealing moisture into your hair, it can be comedogenic (clog pores, cause skin problems) so you wouldn't want to oil your scalp with it. Jojoba oil would be better for your scalp.

Someone else mentioned tea tree oil. A couple drops of that in your conditioner or scalp mixtures is supposed to be helpful with killing fungi etc.

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