Should i stop the no-poo method? Help! :(

I've been doing the no-poo method for almost a month now and I haven't seen any progress. I've read that there is a transition stage, but is it supposed to last this long?? My hair was never greasy before I started this and now I find it feeling greasy almost every day! My hair is also more tangled and dry at the ends than usual?? I am VERY tempted to go back to using shampoo! Maybe just shampoo without sulfates? Should I stop the method?? Does it work for everyone?? HELP!!
You have to do what works for you. Different ppl try different things, and it works for them. I know naturals that use sulfate shampoos and their hair is Fine, healthy and big.

I still use shampoo. When I wash my hair I use sulfate free shampoos. When I'm at my hair dresser she uses a sulfate shampoo, I go to her about 1x a month or every 6 weeks.

When you do a no-pop you are only conditioning right? Maybe you need to change the conditioner you use.

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