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shaylove89 01-11-2012 07:25 PM

Hey everyone! My name is Tocarra and i currently made the decision to transition after i took my sew in out this month.. I looked at how much my hair had grown and i was happy with the progress. I tried a year and a half to go natural buuutt it didn't work.. lol. But i think i have enough knowledge to go on with it. I have been with out a perm since september going to continue to wear protective styles until im ready to BC. Now im trying to learn my hair keep it moisturized as best a possible. I have come to see that co-washing my hair makes a HUGE difference in the moisture level. I see that the garnier fructis does well.. I have no idea what could i use to help out with the in between washes.. such as shampoos and just keeping moisture in my hair... I am open to any suggestions... thanks:love5:

Misscb 01-11-2012 08:15 PM

Hi Tocarra my name is Missy and I have been transitiong for a year (well Sunday will make a year) and all I use kinky curly come clean shampoo it's natural ingredients and it works really well. As for moisture I use a Shea butter mix that I learned to make myself using Naptural85's recipe from YouTube but I add water to mine. Also I put a small amount of leave in conditioner in a water bottle and add water to it (majority of the mixture is water) and spritz that on my hair to moisturize then I use an oil to seal in the moisture mostly olive oil or coconut oil.

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shaylove89 01-12-2012 03:49 PM

thanks i will try that

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